With the rapid development of modern instruments based on computer technology, virtual instruments emerge as the Times require high precision and stability, and it will gradually replace traditional instruments. USB virtual oscilloscope adopts USB interface technology, which combines the powerful computing and processing capacity of computer with the signal collection and control capacity of general hardware instruments, so as to realize the functions and friendly interface that cannot be realized by the general oscilloscope.

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Model File Newest version Release note Download link
OSC802, SR 80MS/s, BD 25MHz, 2-channel, decoding null version 2.8.0   2019 - 04 - 30 OSC802 Software Free Download
OSC2002, SR 1GS/s(equivalent), BD 50MHz null version 2.0.0    2019 - 04 - 27 OSC2002 Software Download Address
OSC483, Sampling Rate 50 MS/s, Bandwidth 20 MHz + Function Generator null version 3.1.0    2019 - 04 - 27 OSC48X Series Software Download Address
OSCA03, Sampling Rate 100 MS/s, Bandwidth 35 MHz + 4-Channel Logic Analyzer null version 2.0.0    2019 - 05 - 07 OSCA02/A03 Software Download Address
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